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4 day weekend

Today is a day off for us, and Monday is Memorial Day so it's a nice long weekend. A welcome break after a few hectic weeks.

The YMCA is getting a new gas line, so for the last few days there have been a few diggers and trucks at the street behind our house, much to the delight of the kids.

We had a minor social event this morning. Over breakfast Adrian was playing with the police car (a $0.50 purchase at King's Day) and the police horse carrier (a gift from Opa & Oma that has survived rough treatment pretty well).

After breakfast, Adrian left the police car alone and Leo saw his chance and took it. So after the diaper change, when Adrian came back in the living room, his police car was in his brother's hands, much to his chagrin. Since Leo was playing with it, Adrian had to find something else to do, but he wasn't very happy. A few minutes later, Leo was done playing with it, and came to Adrian with a big smile: "Adrian pie-pie auto" and gave the car to Adrian.


"Nee bijna thuis! Kip kopen!"

In the afternoon we went to Home Depot and got flowers for the deck. It was late and we decided to buy a take-out chicken, which the kids liked.

When we were leaving the highway, this dialogue ensued:

Leo: Bijna thuis.
Adrian: Nee bijna thuis! Kip kopen!
Nora: Patat kopen.
Adrian: Nee 'tat kopen! Kip kopen!


Joost & Ankie back home

Joost & Ankie and the kids are back in Rotterdam. After they left Arlington they went to New York City where they bicycled around Battery Park and saw the Brooklyn Bridge. They also visited Jonathan at his work in Manhattan, very cool.

It was heartwarming see them in person again, and we all had a really good time.


King's Day 2017

It was a lot of fun going to King's Day with Joost and Ankie. The kids had a blast and Nora did more activities than in other years.

I bought several books but not as many as in previous years -- we are pretty well supplied by now.

It was very warm. In the end we went to the small playground overlooking the activities, where we had our sandwiches and water.


Two long walks

We went for two long walks this weekend, to catch some natural light and adjust to the new timezone. It was raining yesterday afternoon, and we wouldn't normally go out in such weather, but with raincoats, umbrellas and boots we braved the rain. Very refreshing.

This morning we left home at 9.00 am for another walk, to Whole Foods this time. The kids are always interested in fire hydrants.


Aap wil een baan

I'm so proud of Nora, I'm bursting. She finished her second "real" book today, Aap wil een baan. I sat down with her, in the basement, and while she was munching on apple slices she completed 6 pages in one sitting.

She has a booklet where we keep track of which books she read, and she can rate the book. This one got a 2 out of 3 stars from Nora. Op is op, the other "real" book, warranted a 3 out of 3.



We saw Frozen over the Christmas break. I bought the Dutch version DVD and Sasha, Nora and I watched it over two days. We skipped over the part with the wolves, but except for that Nora loved it (and we had a good time too).

Since then we've been watching "Laat het gaan" many, many times and Nora can sing good parts of it already.

Today she asked me: "Papa, mag ik Frozen in het Engels zien?" "Waarom?" "Nou, we wonen in Amerika..."

But no, that's not happening because she's getting plenty of English exposure already. Later in the evening she asked me: "papa, wat betekent 'verleg de grenzen die ik ken?'" so that explains why I want her to hear the songs in Dutch.


Eye problem?

We brought Nora for her 5 year checkup. When we were at the eye doctor a few days ago, her eyesight was fine, but today the test didn't go well at all -- Nora couldn't see anything, except the largest letters. The nurse was a little worried, and we were quite surprised.

Then Sasha looked at Nora's glasses... and they were very, very dirty. After cleaning them Nora did the same test again, and everything was fine, haha.

The checkup was fine otherwise. Nora is 45 lbs, 45 3/4".


Saturday afternoon

This morning we took the kids for a haircut. Tina was happy when she saw us -- three little customers in a row.

It's a long walk for the guys and they were tired and cranky when we came back. Nora too, so for the first time in a few months we had everybody crying at the same time. Some avocado and a sandwich with cheese calmed everybody down.

In the afternoon the boys took a nap. Leo didn't want to sleep at first -- a diaper situation -- but after a quick chat ("Opa kijken!") he finally fell asleep at 2.20 pm. Nora and I later relaxed. Me at the computer, she with her Bobo.


Leo & Adrian two year checkup

The checkup for the boys went well. One more shot -- Hep-A -- and a checkup of their eyes. Surprisingly both of them passed the eye test well. So no need to see an eye doctor for them. We somewhat expected that they might need to get glasses, because their sister does, but no.

Adrian is 92 cm, Leo 91 cm.

It was their last consult with Dr. Goldman, who is retiring.

At the end of their visit the nurse took some blood, which resulted it tears. Adrian in particular was unhappy, especially with the band-aid he was given -- he pulled it off in no-time.


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