Guus Bosman

software engineering manager

Български разкази


За да уча езикът обичам да чете но Български книги често се прекалено дълго за мене. Затова чета разкази на Българск.

- И си построи крива къща, Роберт Ханлайн. 7.400 думи. 19 Август 2012
- Подялба на вещите, Георги Марков, 4 Фебруари 2013

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I’m a software engineering manager in Arlington, Virginia. I love technology and working with people to build great software.

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I was quoted in The Economist and my site was posted on Slashdot. I speak English and Dutch fluently, and pretty decent German, French and Bulgarian. I founded Dutch in which has more than 3,300 Facebook fans.

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