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On teletext this morning:

Teletext picture, with title: LPF-bestuur blijft om 'ongedierte'

"As long as this kind of eruptions happen in the vulcano that is the LPF, we'll stay. For the LPF, it is as with vermin. Just when you think you've killed them all, they will come back again." -- Hammerstein, LPF board member.


The Dutch...

...will push ahead in the queue for a bus shelter during a rainstorm, steal without remorse from their employer and use illegal software with abandon...

Read it here, or read what Dutch people like to do on their holidays.


In Baghdad

Picture on just now:

Picture (c) AP.

It would be great if the war is really going as 'easy' at it seems to be going now. Let's hope that Saddam Hussein can be kicked out quickly.



Although I believe that a war to remove Saddam Hussein is justified and necessary, it is a day of sadness today.

Let's hope that the war will be as short as possible.

When I woke up many TV channels had special editions about the war. Even the website, which usually only gets updated around 15:00 o'clock seems to have been updated during the night. They have a picture gallery.

Started ridiciously early today... it's 8.00 o'clock!


My endless love

In the last weeks I saw many jokes, movies and cartoons about the coming war in Iraq.

Not all of them are very tasteful, but this particular one I found quite amusing. Have your sound on (Quicktime).


Balkenende world-wide hero

Balkenende does it again!

See this nice parody at

"Het moest maar eens afgelopen zijn met dat gekibbel."


Arts & Letters Daily

Arts & Daily.A very interesting site is Arts & Letters Daily. It's motto is 'Veritas odit moras' which means 'Truth hates delay'. It contains links to many interesting articles, often about politics.

You can also find such beauties as Why Computers Should be Kept Out of the Classroom or this article of George Orwell on English language and politics.


Wouter Balkenende

Wouter Balkenende. Or Jan-Peter Bos?

Always nice, a little bit of Photoshop. From David


UN resolution 1441

As we discussed the subject a couple of times last week, I thought it might be interesting to read the original UN resolution 1441.

Although quite formal, it's surprisingly readable for this type of document I think. The structure is classic:



Article in Trouw today: "Nawijn should resign":

"Minister Nawijn heeft jammerlijk gefaald. Hij wist wat de moeilijkheden waren. Desondanks heeft hij verwachtingen gewekt bij een kwestbare groep. Bij die mensen kan hij nu niet meer aankomen met de boodschap: jammer dan, maar het feest gaat niet door. Nawijn dient daarom terstond op te stappen."
"Minister Nawijn failed miserably. He knew what the problems are. Still, he gave vulnerable people false hope. He can't go back to them now and saying: too bad, there's nothing I can do for you. Nawijn should therefore immediately resign."

Politicians are by nature a bit opportunistic, and I believe that's okay. But as a minister from a party that 'promised' to be 'tough on foreigners' Nawijn made himself utterly ridiculous by promising to have a look into the faith of thousands of asylumseekers and then being stopped by the cabinet. But hey, what's new.


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