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Okay, something for in the lunch-break: Zusje, the daily comic in the Dutch newspaper Trouw. Last week they had a particular nice one:


Let's see, the last thing we need is a broom. -- Don't we go to Blokker for that daddy? -- I won't go there anymore. It's a creepy shop with a nasty mentality. -- Oh come on, is this really necessary for in a comic? -- Well, that's how they do it, right?!

(Background information: Blokker's annual report -which was written in comics- stated that "Immigrants and the 'entire asylum and illegal immigrants industry' are responsible for the large number of armed robberies in the Netherlands". See here for an English article on it).


Keep on being amazed

I would have never thought that these clowns would have been this clumsy, but there are.



By the way these LPF guys are really a bunch of clowns. Would be funny if it wasn't that they're going to be in our government...


Speech of Mr. Bush

I'm not sure if I expected this of President Bush -- but I must say he seems to be handling the situation fairly good. The speech he held this morning was really good.


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