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Halloween preparations

Halloween is a big event in our house... today we went to get Nora's new outfit. The boys received a nice fireman costume from Oma & Opa in the summer, so they're all set.

We went to the Party City store on Columbia Pike. It was busy but not crazily so. Getting there was a bit of an adventure though -- the car didn't start! It seems like there's a problem with the battery. I took my bike to Cherrydale Auto Parts and got a jump start pack, and that did the trick. We didn't need it on our way back from Party City but I'm going to bring it in for service for sure.

Nora choose to be a witch, with a black hat and a broom.

Earlier in the morning it was raining and we went for a walk in Hayes Park, collecting acorns.


Halloween at Jackson Street

We went to see the decorated houses at Jackson Street tonight. It was a lot of excitement for the kids, from the moment we told them at dinner there was a lot of laughter and giggling.

We saw about 12 houses, some were scary even for adults, others were funny. At some point, a man passed by with a dog with a shiny collar. The kids were so excited and yelled "Halloween hond! Halloween hond!" (dog). We saw the old favorite, the "hand washing the window".

Adrian had enough at the end, Leo wanted to see more, but 30 minutes of excitement were plenty.


Enjoying the rain

It was a rainy weekend and the kids loved the fall weather. We went to Hayes Park to pick acorns, it was terrific.


To Cox Farms together

Last Saturday we went to Cox Farms with the whole family, that was a lot of fun.

This is the fourth year were visiting, and the first time on a busy Saturday. We arrived at 9.45 am so we were there when it opened. The highlight was the hay ride -- especially the part where we got "stuck" in a trench. There were more actors than on the weekdays we attended in the past, that was nice.


Working with Leo

Working with the kids on their Dutch is my happy place -- it is so rewarding to teach them and a great bonding experience. Leo is slowly stopping his naps, and he's kind of ready to start "working" with me.

Nora finished kern 10 today -- two more to go and she'll have completed Veilig Leren Lezen. She used her new Loco Maxi for the first time today.

Leo slept for a full hour, which is relatively short, but when he woke up he was fresh. I took him downstairs and we started working together for the first time. He did 3 Loco's, 3 Bobo worksheets and now he's working on the iPod with the Juf Jannie apps.

Adrian shows no signs of stopping his naps yet (good for him!). He's done several Bobo worksheets too but we haven't really had much time to work together yet. All in due time.


Doing Loco for the first time

Leo woke up fresh around 4.00 pm and he did his first Loco. We did the first two exercises together.

Later Nora came downstairs and she helped Leo with the third exercise.


Nora's first day at school

I picked Nora up at 4.00 pm at the bus stop. She was the last one of the bus so I asked the driver to call her -- she didn't realize this was her stop. She was happy and not overly tired.

Her best quote was:

"Papa, de juf zegt dat de eerste dag op school altijd de leukste is".
"Oh, en was het leuk?"
"Het was hartstikke leuk!"

When Leo woke up and came downstairs, he immediately hugged Nora. When Adrian woke up 30 minutes later, his first question was: "is Nora beneden?" (They might be worried she'll disappear again, like she did in the summer).

She has her first homework assignment, a collage that's due next Monday. She went to sleep at 7.45 pm.


To the basisschool

A big milestone today -- Nora left for Taylor elementary today, where she will start first grade.

We all woke up early, except Nora, who was calm and happy.

Below is also a picture of Nora learning about the lockers -- this is from a tweet from the school.


A great summer

We had a great time with Opa and Oma. It's Labor Day weekend and the end of the summer, and yesterday Jaap and Mieke returned to the Netherlands. We brought the boys to bed to make it easier on them, and Nora and I drove to the airport.

After a while I showed the guys pictures of the plane Opa and Oma took home. Adrian was disappointed there weren't more pictures.

We're now getting ready for everyone to go to their new schools. Nora will start at Taylor on Tuesday and Leo and Adrian will start a week later at AMH.


Water, Wind and Waves

We went to Water, Wind and Waves, an exhibition about Dutch maritime art in the 17th century.

We were a little early and the boys had a lot of energy so I parked at the Federal Reserve and we went for a long walk along Constitution. It's 1.5 miles from there to the museum so they had a change to release their energy.


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