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Back from The Hague

Most of the shops we have been working with the last weeks have a website of some kind but today's shop has a really nice one: They even have an English version.

Kaatje aan de Rein is a small gift shop, with a lot of different things. Books, candles, Christmas decorations, small stuff -- and games of course. We did our games demonstration in the garden of the shop! They had a very beautiful tent in the garden, and decorated it cosy inside. And (very important for us :)) there was a big gas-heater as well.

I've explained the Kolonisten card-game and Medina for the first time. There were guests basically all the time, but it was never too busy. Unfortunately we didn't bring Ettie's camera.

It was one of the nicest demo's we've done in a long time (together with the Haarlem one 2 weeks ago). We even got a present from the shop when we left. We also took some of the new decoration material of 999 Games, perhaps we can cheer up our hallway a bit; they're really nice.

Here's the commercial the shop had on their website for today, I liked it:

Kaatje's commercial for the demonstration

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