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Profiteroles & moorkoppen

Profiteroles and moorkop.Today we baked a dessert, French profiteroles. It was a wonderful success.

Interestingly, it turns out that the recipe for profiteroles is very similar to my favorite Dutch gebakje: the moorkop. The difference is the filling; instead of ice cream a moorkop is filled with whipped cream.

We tried both versions -- the French profiteroles with vanilla ice cream, and a small moorkop. The bakery in Middenmeer serves moorkoppen with a piece of pineapple on top.

It's a neat idea that we can bake our own pastries, even a good old moorkop.

Profiteroles and moorkoppen.



sure you can make moorkoppen! i also did it once. \Lekker...
and appeltaart? Can you make it? for a good recept call me!

When I'll make an appeltaart I'll definitely call you for the recipe. Better yet, I'll visit you in the summer so I don't have to bake myself!

do you know when you're visting Holland? and Sasha?

Why didnt you bring some to know how we love profiteroles & moorkoppen!!!! Yum Yum :)

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