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Forgotten PostgreSQL Windows password

This morning I've been upgrading the Postgres database on my Windows XP laptop to version 8.3.

During the installation it asks for the password of the service account of previous PostgreSQL version. The default value is 'postgres', but sure enough I forgot what password I used when I originally installed it.

I found this useful post on how to change the password for any Windows user. From the Windows command line execute the following to reset the password to 'postgres'.

net user postgres postgres

That worked, so now I'm ready to complete the installation and be able to use the new Ruby pg gem that was recently release for Windows.


Kan je het mij duidelijk uitleggen hoe ik mijn wachtwoord verander want het lukt mij niet.

You just saved me from sure dead. Thanks!!!

LEGEND! Saved me too.



thnx from the bottom of my heart

Waouw !! Thank you so much ! After hours of troubles, I couldn't believe it would work so easily with your tips !

You saved me from reformatting my pc, to make it a clean slate ....stupidly spent half an hour on google ..until saw your page. thanks loads.

It was very useful. I my case it happened at first install: when the installer prompted me for a password for the postgres user, I've tried to put "postgrespw" in the fields, but I misspelled the verification; tried again but somehow the postgres user was added but the password was neither "postgres", nor blank. I canceled the instalation process and tried from the begining, but cannot figure what is the correct password. At this point you saved me!
Thank you.

yes, thanks a lot...

you saved me out of hell....

Finally someone that could explain how to change or reset the password to a newbie postgresql user thanks a whole bunch, you saved me.

Thanks alot!!

THX so much!! been lookin everywhere for that


Thank You

wow..thx a lot..this makes my day..been searching for the whole day to solve this problem~~

i tried it but the particular pc im working on won't do it
it has some form of policy for lengths etc.......

Dammit! THANK YOU!! :-)

damn thx! altijd problemen met dat postgresql

Thanx a ton

what do I do when I get "system error 5 has occurred. Acess is denied?"

Thanx man!

A very big thank you!

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