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Nasi goreng and krupuk

Krupuk.I realize that it may sound like I do nothing but cooking these days. Having said that: tonight we cooked nasi goreng with real krupuk and it was great.

Nasi goreng is an Indonesian fried rice dish which is popular in the Netherlands.

In Grand Asia, an Asian grocery store near my work in Raleigh, I found real Indonesian krupuk; crackers made of shrimp. They are deep fried for a minute or so in the pan and expand to three times their dry size.

Last but not least I experimented with a peanut sauce from Hong Kong, and that was a very lucky choice. It was delicious, a great combination of sweet and spicy at the same time.



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probeer die andere ook eens, de kroepoek die er naast ligt.

Guus wat ben jij goed bezig zeg!!!
Ben benieuwd naar je volgende gerecht ;-)


I also found your site by accident! I was delighted to read of your many experiences cooking Indonesian food. I lived in the Netherlands for 19 years. I'm orginally from NC, and I moved back here when I left NL in 2005. I miss a lot of things about Dutch life. Finding your site has made me feel connected again!

Please continue to post!

Kind regards,

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