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A surprise in Durham

Thursday evening I had a great conversation over good beer in Tyler's Taproom, in the American Tobacco District. I got the advise to check out "Sam's Quickshop", a few minutes driving from our house on Erwin Road.

I've seen the store many times -- it's right on the way to Whole Foods and downtown Durham -- but I could never be bothered to go in. Although I had read about a 'nice beer selection' on-line I figured that the author meant they had both Budweiser and Miller. The store looks like a typical gas station store with cold beer, cigarettes and car things, and I never paid it real attention.

How wrong could I have been!

Sam's Quickshop.

If you see the store from the road, it looks like your typical gas station store...


...but inside they have shelf after shelf of great imported beer. And to my great delight they even have two kind of Grimbergen beers! They had no Grimbergen Triple in stock, but they'll call on Monday to see if they can order it. I really hope the importer carries Triple as well. I told them if they do, I'll need 4 six-packs... some Grimbergen Triple would be awesome for my birthday party in 3 weeks.



I'll have to go there.


On the way home from work, swing by the Peace Street Market in Raleigh. Its at the corner of Peace Street and St. Mary's street near Broughton High School (and somewhat near NC State).

Peace Street Market (formerly "7 Even") sells about 300 beers - stuff you may not find anywhere else. Best beer selection in Raleigh!


Haha, I just called them and had a funny conversation.

"Hi, I was wondering, do you sell Grimbergen? I'll spell that for you: G, R, I, M..."
"Oh, is that a German beer?"
"Eh, no, it's from Belgium actually. It's called Grimbergen."
"Oh, well, we do have a few Belgium Beers: Duval, Chimay, Lambic..."
"Oh great. But, do you also have this particular beer, Grimbergen?"
"Well, we don't really have that many Belgium beers."

The guy on the phone isn't really a great sales man :) I'll go and check it out in person one day.

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