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Motivational traffic jam

Traffic.Yesterday I left for work around 8.20 pm, and when I entered I-40 from the Durham Freeway there was a big traffic jam, all the way until the Wade Avenue exit.

At first I thought it was perhaps the State Fair, but that didn't start until today and in any case never caused so much traffic on I-40 as there was yesterday. I arrived at work at 9.30 am and had to take a conference call while driving.

At work I heard that there was a motivational speaker's event in the RBC Center. It's funny that speakers, 'live through a satellite connection' can attract so many people.


Stopping for the traffic jam on I-40 yesterday. Yes, I need to clean the windshield of our car.


Zohee, 13 uur en 10 minuten in de file! Moet je ook maar niet zo laat nog van huis gaan! :)


Yes, well, that should have read '8.20 am', not '8.20 pm'...

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