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A lucky bet

I won!I've never really enjoyed gambling but when you're in Vegas you have to at least try it once. Before I left, someone close told me: if you're playing roulette, make sure to put a bet on number 25.

When we came back from dinner, we walked through the casino in the hotel. I was getting ready to go home but I wanted to place at least that one bet. I asked my colleague how it would work and I put a $10 bill on number 25. The lady changed it into a chip and I thought "why is the minimum $10? So much money to lose...".

Well -- the ball fell on number 25 and I won $360! A guy next to me said "who the $%#! are you?!" and I received a handful of coins. I left the table and cashed it at the cashier, and left for the airport.

I won!

A handful of coins. The black ones are $100.

At the airport.

Even at the gate you can still gamble.


Wow that's great!! Congratulations!!!

If you had only bet more than that $10 on 25...

I know, right!

The maximum bet on that table was $5,000... I thought $10 was a lot of money to lose!

Amazing you lucky guy, just win and run. :)

Oei, met dit verhaal zijn er weer een paar verslaafden bij!

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