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AllesAmerika North Carolina meetup

Tonight I had dinner with Klaas, Petra and Ron. I met them online through and it was great to finally meet them in real life.

Klaas, "Blips" on this website, lives in Minnesota but was in Durham for business so the four of us decided to meet up and we had a very nice evening. Ron and Petra moved from the Netherlands to North Carolina about two years ago.

When I arrived in the restaurant the waiter came and asked me if I'm "with a party of 3". I said yes and he said he had recognized my accent so he brought me to the right table.

It's been a while since I had spoken with Dutch people face-to-face and we had a lot of experiences and stories to share.

It was great to meet you all.


Hey hallo
Dat ziet er gezellig uit hoor! Jammer dat er geen triple op tafel stond, maar zo kan het ook wel...
Kussie Ettie

So funny about that waiter.... I did my best to hide my accent ;-) But little success.
It was great to meet you to!

groetjes Petra and Ron

Leuk om zo mensen via internet te ontmoeten!

It was great to meet you all.

It is this sort of misuse of the word "ya'll" that caused notice. Please immediately report for southernization lessons.

Week one: "Ya'll, when to use it."
Special friday: "Hey ya'll watch this" Bring a crash helmet.
Week two: "Syllable addition"
Special friday: "Adding multiple syllables to swear words during times of extreme stress" Bring a pair of depends.
Week three: "ACC basketball" Bring extra notebooks.
Special friday: "Knowing when to keep your trap shut about YOUR team." Bring a kevlar vest and running shoes.
Week four: "Fishing" (Lifejackets provided)
Special friday: "You can indeed be too drunk to fish" Bring a wetsuit.
Week five: "Surviving in the south" - Covers issues such as false stereotypes, tourist traps (Alligator wrestling, spitting contests), and where not to go.
Special friday: "Why not to be on an Interstate after a big race ends nearby." -- Bring a helicopter. Even tanks aren't safe on the road then.


Wat ontzettend gezellig zo'n avondje in het echt. Leuk dat je de foto hebt geplaatst!!!

Leuke foto heeft die jongedame gemaakt. :) Bedankt voor de gezellige NC avond, jammer dat het regende.


Ik zag de foto al bij Klaas. Leuk om zo mederlanders in de verre te ontmoeten.
Zo te zien en lezen bij jullue allen was het erg geslaagd

gr petra

No orange clothing, no banners, no Dutch caps, no Heineken...? I guess you don't even wear HEMA socks anymore, and said cheese when this picture was taken! You won't return to live in the Netherlands, any of you, accept it. Burn those passports! ;-)


Hmmm, I don't remember what we were saying when the picture was taken.

Cheese is still a pretty typical Dutch thing though, isn't it?

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