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Plant revival project (2)

The plant before.On Sunday I tried to revive the ill plant I bought last week. More than half of the plant was affected by an illness of some kind.

I took the plant of out of its pot. Some of the stems were dead, and a few more had large black spots on the part between roots and stem. Perhaps it was some sort of fungus. I threw away the stems that were visibly affected, and placed the healthy parts into separate pots. I felt a bit like a plant surgeon.

I hope that, by placing the cuttings in separate pots, at least one will get to survive. I've placed them on the window-sill where they'll get plenty of sunlight.

The plant before the operation.

Before the operation.

The plant during the operation.

During the operation I felt a bit like a surgeon. Let's hope the patient survived.

The plants after the operation.

After the operation. I hope that at least one of the cuttings will survive and grow back into a healthy plant.

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