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Pick-up moving

Moving out.On Friday July 21st the moving company came to pick up our furniture and belongings.

There were 3 guys and a large truck, and it took about 4 hours to move everything. They wrapped all the furniture in blankets and bubble wrap.

The last time we moved, from DC to Arlington, we hardly had any furniture and just a couple of suitcases and boxes, so it was much easier. After two years living in Arlington, we have collected a lot of stuff so it took a couple of hours to load everything in the truck.

After the mover's left, this is all we had.


Dear Guus and Alex,

How great to read you have already been moved!
I wish you lots of happiness and love in your new home. I hope the unpacking is easy for you.
Can't wait to see the pictures of your new home,
what is your new adress?

lots of loves from Janneke, Fiona and Tibor

ps we are moving back to amsterdam in two weeks from now! First we will live at Sonjas (my best friend) and from october first our home is ours again :D

Coffee and a loptic, that's all you need!

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