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Match Point

Match point.Yesterday we went our for dinner in Georgetown, to Bistro Francais. It's was the first time we were in this nice french restaurant, with a beautiful interior and good food.

We had a really good time and stayed till late in the restaurant. Afterwards we went for a late movie; we saw Match Point in the Georgetown Loewie theater.

Match Point is a story about an ex-tennis player who joins high-society in the UK by marrying a rich girl, and who falls in love with his brother-in-law's fiance. The film is directed by Woody Allen, and the main theme is Allen's long-held belief in the power of luck in determining people's destiny.

It's a good movie, a thriller, and although Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is not playing a very good role as the main character, the other actors are compensating for this (most notably Scarlett Johansson).


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Match Point is a story about an ex-

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It doesn't like me either. I wonder who it does like......

Ha, my website didn't even like me!

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mij vindt ie dus wel aardig want bij mij doet ie ut....

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