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The Interpreter

The Interpreter.Yesterday we rented The Interpreter on DVD, and we had an enjoyable evening watching it.

It's a good movie -- pleasantly tense, not too predictable and with a good story.

Most of the story is situated around the United Nations building in New York, where Nicole Kidman is an interpreter who overhears a secret conversation. It turns out that she also has quite a history herself.

The language spoke in the movie is Ku, of which I had never heard before. One of the extra's on the DVD was an interview with the director, Sydney Pollack, who mentioned it was a fake language.


In Ku they don't say You
They talk and sometimes moo
In Ku they don't curse to
They say Kuck You, that's what they do
And when you love someone in Ku
You whisper in her ear "I Cuff You"
And hope she says “I Cuff You to”
But instead she says in Ku: “screw you”
Then you write in Ku in your tattoo
Screw me, screw you, but only when you’re speaking KU

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