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RSS feed in Firefox.A few days ago a colleague showed me Sage, an extension to Firefox to read RSS feeds in your browser.

RSS is a technical protocol that allows users to read a website's latest articles in different applications, for example a stand-alone reader. Extremely useful or not, my father's website has it so I had to have it as well.

For those who are interested, a RSS 2.0 compatible feed is now available here.

RSS feed in Firefox.


For the very smart: The free browser Opera has a build in RSS $ Atom reader. So, just download Opera (3731 kB) and that ts all.

Hee Guus,

Goed dat je eindelijk ook de 21e eeuw hebt bereikt, altijd al gedacht dat je nog wel eens handig zou worden met technologie en zo...

Nog meer goede redenen voor een koffie pauze:



Jeee! We have an R! We have an S! We have an S! R!S!S!

Cool man, now I can read your daily adventures from the comfort of my mail client in the morning (thunderbird). For all Opera users still doubting: Firefox has really great RSS support too! ;-P

All the best from Amstelveen,
Rolf (too lazy to remember my password)

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