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Computer desk

New desk.Friday evening we finally bought a desk for the computer in the bedroom. It's really so much nicer, a real desk. We got it from Crate & Barrel, a shop a few blocks down the road.

We have been living in this apartment for almost a year now, so we need to think about the lease for next year. We received a letter from the leasing company with the rates, and they propose to increase the rent, quite a bit. Unlike in the Netherlands there is typically no maximum on the rent-increase: you don't like it, you leave. We'll see if we can negotiate the price. The price per month is different depending on the length of the lease you sign. Generally, the longer you stay, the lower the montly rent.

Yesterday evening we made pancakes, for the first time since we're living here. They came out really well. The first ones were a bit thick, but once we got the hang of it they became nice and thin. I made one with raisins, my favorite, and we had blueberry jam and feta cheese for the others.

New desk.


I see your computer doesn't need a keyboard anymore, You just talk and wave before your webcam, ore use signlanguage, or shout at it? Or is that table one great drawingpad for shortsighted people? Or do you have your wireless keyboard under your pillow?

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