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Jerry and Marjolein

Marjolein, Jerry, Mieke, Jaap and me.Friday evening when I came home from work I was welcomed by a lot of people on our balcony: Jerry and Marjolein arrived, They made a trip through the U.S., which they started in Arlington a few weeks ago. It's great to see them.

We went for an American dinner, hamburgers with fries. Of course we tried the spicy chicken wings, the pictures that we took in the restaurant got lost, unfortunately. Later we went for drinks to Four Courts, an Irish bar. We got a table, and enjoyed Guiness and Amber beer. A band was playing, and we joined the sing-along and stayed till very late.

Marjolein, Jerry, Mieke, Jaap and me.


Hi everybody,

it's a shame that I'm here and not there...
Have fun!

Wat een gezellige boel! Allemaal de hartelijke groeten uit nat en koud Holland!


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