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To the beach

To the beach.Yesterday's weather forecast indicated showers for today, but when we woke up the sun was shining brightly.

We went for breakfast in the restaurant downstairs. It was nice to be there with Sasha, and I introduced her to the intricacies of ordering breakfast in San Juan. The main point is: "you cannot beat the system".

The waiters are very friendly, but also very, very slow, and the key is that no matter what you try, having breakfast will take you a long time. That's fine for in the weekend like this, but it took me a while to get used to it during the week, when I have only 30 minutes to have my breakfast. It's a real challenge to get more than one cup of coffee in that half hour. This morning we stayed longer of course, and I managed to get three cups of coffee, a record.

Around noon we went to the beach. The hotel is located on "Isla Verde", an area with very nice long beaches (much better than Condado, where we stayed a few weeks ago). My skin is, as usual, pretty white and I've been to the beach only once this year, so we took a lot sunblock and hired an umbrella. Sure enough, I burned my shoulders, but only a little bit and just my shoulders this time.

The water is very warm here, and there were good waves. It was windy, which made it possible for us to stay a bit longer at the beach -- it would have been to hot otherwise. We went for a swim twice, and we both studied a little bit; Sasha her French and I worked on my Spanish.

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