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Memorial Day weekend

Friday evening I left work around 19:00 o'clock. I took a cab home, because the colleagues that I usually drive to the hotel with all went home for the weekend.

These weeks I've been working on a requirements document for a new part of our project, and it's as good as ready. I made some updates Friday night late and Saturday morning, and we'll finish it this week.

This weekend is a long weekend, it's Memorial Day tomorrow, and that's why it's a great opportunity for Sasha to come over and stay here for a few days. She arrived at noon in the hotel, she had the 7.45 flight from Dallas. It's great fun to be together here -- it's a beautiful island after all, and because I don't have time to see any of it during the week it's wonderful to be able to explore it together this weekend.

We went for a walk in the afternoon, and stayed a while at the pool.


the pictures where nice but your words dony sound wright.

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