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World Bank evacuated -- nothing serious

World Bank.Sasha just called, and told me that there were a few explosions followed by lot of smoke coming from under the World Bank building, just as she was walking towards it.

It turned out that a power transformator exploded, in a manhole very near the main building of the bank. The buildings were evacuated but nobody got hurt.


I was just crossing the street to the Bank when the first explosion took place. My first reaction was: oh, my god, the building is going down and the images of 9/11 started racing in my head while we ran the opposite direction. It was very scary, flames and thick smoke at one of the entrances of the Bank. Then the fire trucks, and police, and TV stations came, and it turned out it's nothing but an accident. The people who were already inside the building did not realize what was going on and there was a peaceful evacuation. But when you witness the first explosion and while running the opposite direction hear the following explosions, it is a dreadful experience considering the recent terrorist threats to the World bank and the IMF. What a nerve-wrecking experience!

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