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Friday I left work at 16:00 o'clock, a nice early start of the weekend. Rosa, Mila and Sasha picked me up by car near my office, and we were ready for the journey down south. Our destination was Williamsburg, a bit east of Richmond, the capitol of Virginia.

To go to Williamsburg, you'll have to take the I95, an interstate highway, and we were told that it would be pretty crowded on the way. Although it wasn't a three-day weekend, it was Easter and many people were leaving D.C. early with large traffic jams as a result.

The nice thing was that because we were with four people in a car, we took the "H.O.V.". This is a dedicated lane for cars with more than two people in it. We didn't realize that immediately, and got stuck in traffic for half an hour, but then we were able to switch to the dedicated lane and that was very pleasant: seeing all cars standing still, and we're passing them quickly.

It still was a long drive because the HOV was only 40 miles long or so. We took a break half-way and we arrived in Williamsburg around 21:00 o'clock: five hours by car.

Here you can see what the difference is between the HOV lane and the regular traffic, going southwards from D.C. on the I95.


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De Diesel kost hier plm. 1 euro per liter. en volgens mijn bronnen in USA plm $0,50 klopt dat met de derde foto?

The average price for diesel is now $2,153 per gallon; which is about $0,57 per liter.

The reststop where we got gas (near Fredericksburg) is thus cheaper than average with its $2,10 per gallon.

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I did realize today that the united states use the gallon. It is always a shock to learn that people in other countries do have these funny habits.
One reads about it in books, never expects it to be reality.
One wonders if the cars in the USA do have special fuel tanks in order to contain gallons.
Greetings from civilization.

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