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Eating & drinking

Yesterday I went for lunch with a colleague to an Afghan restaurant around the corner. The food was very nice; somewhat similar to the Middle Eastern and Arabic cuisine.

There's a huge variety of restaurants in this area, from all over the world. In general people go much more often for dinner or lunch to a restaurant than I was used to in the Netherlands. Our company for example, doesn't have a cafeteria, instead people go to places outside to have lunch or bring back lunch from there to eat in the office.

For coffee it works the same: Starbucks and other coffee places here are triving on all the office workers around. This morning when I was crossing the street towards Starbucks, a group of school kids entered just in front of me. It didn't take that long however, the guys working there know how keep moving and I got my morning coffee ("a grande coffee") quickly.


i think you have increased your weight because of all the dinners outdoors

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Big question: Is Guus becoming a big American?

Did you notice Guus does not respond to your remark with any proof of his weight? I think you are right here.

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