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To New York by bus

Times Square.We were just on time for the bus yesterday morning. The organization of the bus company is not as smooth as it could be, and it's important to be on time to make sure you actually get a place on the bus, even when you bought tickets in advance, like we did.

As a result of this, there is usually a fight just before the bus leaves, and this time was no exception. Sometimes it's between the operators and guests that were overbooked, but often also among the operators themselves, which is quite amusing to see. From a secured placed in the bus, of course.

The bus leaves from Chinatown in Washington D.C. and is operated by Chinese Americans. There was only one seat open when we left New York, after two ladies were left behind because they were travelling together. The first stop on the journey was in Baltimore, where the last passenger came aboard. There were more people waiting there, but the bus left and they had to wait for the next one, probably an hour later. The bus drove through to Delaware, and then to Philadelphia. We had a short break on the way which was very welcome -- we had left early after all and we didn't had a lot of coffee in the morning.

On arrival in New York the bus makes three stops: one on Times Square, near Madison Square Garden, and finally in Chinatown. We got of at the second stop, near the trainstation. It was great to travel together, with a nice destination and no rush.

In the bus.

Times Square.


There is only one thing I can say: COOL!!!!!!!!!!

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