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To New York

We're leaving in a little while to catch the 9.30 bus to New York. We'll visit Jonathan and Irena this weekend.

This week I transferred some money from my US bank account to the Netherlands. It was pretty quick, I signed the "wire transfer" papers Tuesday, and Friday the money was on my Postbank account.

The exchange rate came as a shock: 1 dollar is 75 euro cents now.


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USA are printing millions of dollars every day. So where there are more dollars every day the value of the single dollar will be less and less.

May be there will be more rich Europeans in the USA this year, and less rich Americans in Europe.

But is is a very serious problem, this dollar value.

I printed some myself last year,
maybe I am to blame?


is this issue of any consurn of the americans in the street (like your collegues?)

Well, most people here don't really care about the value of the dollar vs. the euro or other currencies.

What certainly worries many people is the very large budget deficit (which is a cause of the low exchange rate). But then again, Washington is Democratic ground.

well that is understandable the debt is increaing with quite some speed:

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