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Tickets U2

Yesterday we bought tickets for U2!

U2 will be touring around the world this summer with their Vertigo tour: they're in Amsterdam in July and in October they'll be in New York. We have two tickets for the latter. The concert will be in Madison Square Garden, a famous location for concerts, on a Friday evening.

I bought the tickets on-line, on The sale started exactly at 9.00 o'clock. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the buying process -- the site was very responsive, even at the most busy moment. I wanted to get four tickets, but the system only allowed two tickets per transaction and everything was sold out quickly. A couple of additional concert dates were added after 9.00 o'clock and they quickly sold out as well.

It's something really nice to look forward to, a concert by such a great band. And, very good news for the readers that don't have tickets yet: there are two additional concerts planned in New York (November 21 and 22), and the tickets for that will go on sale next Monday.

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