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San Antonios Riverwalk

Drinking coffee at the Riverwalk in San Antonios on the first day in San Antonios.The second most famous touristic attraction in San Antonios is the Riverwalk (Paseo del Rio). The river that flows through the city is far below the streetlevel, and around the river are many restaurants, bars and places to sit.

This creates a very nice atmosphere, beautiful, alive but not too busy.

Here's part 2 of the 4-part series of pictures from San Antonios: The Riverwalk (see also part one).


Aaa, now we are talking...It's hard to believe you we enjoying your coffee wearing just a t-shirt while here we were freezing up- all in the same country!!! Very nice pics.

But he is always drinking coffee, if it is warm. Do you really drink your coffee when its frozen?

Excuse me??? I didn't get that...

I'm also not sure if I understand this question...

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