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On film

In front of the door. Note the glasses.Today I participated in the making of an educational movie for students in (health) care. My father is the producer of a set of instruction movies and photographs for a large Dutch publisher, and today was the first day of a new recording series.

Today we filmed parts of a movie that depicts an internship of a health care student in a home for people with (mental) handicaps. The goal was not to create a long movie, but to describe various aspects of the daily live in such a home in short movie fragments of about one minute length. I played one of the people living there, a role in which I played a person with very bad vision. Next to the movie fragments a lot of photographs were also made.

It was a very interesting day. I met a lot of different people, and it was really fun to work together to create a movie.

Playing in a movie.


For a moment I thought Jaap was wearing glases... Then I thougt it was Guus, but still not very sure.... The physical appearance released me from my doubts. But you're so surprisingly similar!

Sorry, I was not logged in...

Haha, it's probably the coat that confused you ;)

A member of the video camera crew asked us at the end of the day: "so what's the story, how are you related?" He also said the resemblance was striking.

ik vind dat guus op die foto erg op peter lijkt.
groeten, mieke

Sprekend Oom Bertus.... Hahaha

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