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The Terminal: a Bulgarian experience

Hilarious scene where Viktor has a date, and his friends server a dinner in the terminal.Yesterday evening we went to the movies, to "The Terminal" in Cinema Palace.

The movie is about Viktor Navorski, a traveller from a fictional Eastern European nation who gets stuck in an airport in the US after a military coup in his native land. His passport, issued by his previous government, is no longer valid and he has to stay on in the terminal of the airport for months to wait for the political situation to change.

The character of Navorski, played by Tom Hanks, is wonderful. It's a very sweet guy, who is a total stranger in the US. To our great surprise Tom Hanks was speaking Bulgarian, and in fact his whole character was Bulgarian. His language, some movements, his jokes and the whole behavior were typical Bulgarian which was very nice to see.

It was a great movie; sweet and with a happy end. Personally I loved the older guy from India who Navorski meets on the airport.


We saw 'The Terminal' today and we liked it just as much. Did you know this film is based on a true story of a man living on Charles de Gaulle for 16 years?

Yes, I read about it. Unbelievable... 16 years.

Here is more information about him and his story: Merhan Karami Nasseri.

Mmm...yes, good movie. Tom Hanks speaks bulgarian very funny. In the begining he says on bulgarian " speak slowly, my english is not so good." - then bulgarians just smiles:"And your bulgarian too...":)

Oh, yes, great movie. Hanks' bulgarian really is not so good, but he plays terrificly that role. The behavior, the gestures, some phrases - it's really taken from the typical bulgarian. And why was chosen bulgarian but not any other language from Eastern Europe for this fictional country Krakozhia? Maybe because Hanks' wife has bulgarian origin.

A vie, mozhete li za nyakolko mesetsa da nauchite perfektno angliiski, a?

Spored men, Hanks govori dobre za tolkova malko vreme.

Tom Hanks speaks a decent Bulgarian in the movie, way better than the typical performance of American (or probably any other) actors trying to play the role of a nonamerican. (My favorite outrageous 'Russian' accent - the Russian hired killer in The Bourne Supremacy.

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