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Writing about Haarlem

Last weekend and tonight I have been reading and writing about Haarlem. I'm working on an article about Haarlem and De Adriaan.

When I came back from the library to pick up a book about the city, I walked past the Prinsenhof, and over the Grote Markt. It's nice to see so much history around you.

A cute joke for Dutch readers: what's the opposite of Bulgarije?

Answer: Koe blijf staan!


jjb's picture

ik had bedacht'Koe sta stil" is dat ook goed?

Mja, is ook wel goed.

Wat doe jij om 6:50 uur op mijn website?

jjb's picture

Dan werk ik.

haha, was is een knudde?

-> nee leob neieonk, andersom dus

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