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Moving old stuff

This weekend we spent in Middenmeer. Saturday we sorted and moved my old things.

They were stored on the attic of my mother's school. They had been there since we moved to Amstelveen, almost three years ago.

The attic of the school is very long and is divided in several compartments. The doors to these rooms are very low, so you have to bend to enter. The scary thing is that you can only walk in the middle: if you step outside the path, you'll fall through the roof.

The compartments in the attic.

My things were stored at the end of the attic. However, the light in the compartment at the end of the attic was broken. There was a tiny window but it was very, very dark. Mieke went to get a light from home, but I had to get started. Fortunately, the solution wasn't very far away: Christmas decoration lighted my path.

The attic, nicely lighted with Christmas decoration.

We took all the things downstairs and brought it to my parents' home. There was some old furniture and a number of boxes with unsorted things, books, some old clothes.

Moving the things home.

At my parents place I sorted it. Most of the things were for throwing, especially the old computers. I didn't know I had so many keyboards, mouses and computer components.

In the end, I kept only two boxes. One with personal things such as the T-shirt I got when I went to a summercamp in the US in 1998. The other box is full with books. I took the "Dune" books to Haarlem, I want to read them one of these days.

The computers in the garbage station.

We had a long dinner and a very cosy evening together. It had been almost a year since my parents and Sasha had seen each other, so there were many pictures and stories to be exchanged.

We went back to Haarlem Sunday afternoon.

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