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Phishing IQ Test

Found an interesting test to see if you can recognize fraudulous e-mails from real ones, the
Phishing IQ Test.

I had a 90% score; some were hard to recognize.


Hmmm, only 70%.
I guess I'm an easy victim......

Only 60% for me... Just above the score a monkey would achieve on average....

I did it quite well. 100%. As it happens, none of these institutions will send me ever such a mail. So if I get one it will be fraude.

For me 70%. At least as handy as Jean-Paul and better than the monkey ;-)

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If the monkey just always says 'fraud' in every occassion, the monkey will have a score of 70%. So who is the monkey?

I think I know..... :)

I think the problem with this is the fact that you can't see where the links actually go. (or can you? maybe firefox is being cranky)

If it's usbank, and is the actual site for usbank, and the link goes to, I'm tempted to think it would be real. Since I don't have an account there, it would be silly to trust this.

Usually the dead giveaway is the link goes somewhere wierd, without that information, it's hard to guess. If I was a phisher, I suppose I'd get a REAL email and just modify the links, that would be very hard to detect without the above method, and who actually looks at links other than us paranoid people?

Yaknow, if I looked at the source now and then. Yeah, firefox wasn't showing me the mouseovers (0.9.3). Seeing the links make it a lot easier. I got 70% without being able to see the links. :P, random guessing, I suppose.

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