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Haarlem Grachtenloop track.The last two months I have been running a few times per week. It's fun to do, especially in the beautiful summer weather.

Lately I discovered a new track to run, the track of the Haarlem Grachtenloop. There are two distances: 4.6 and 9.2 kilometers; I must say that the 9.2 km track is way out of my league. But the 4.6 kilometers is just right for me, and I have been running it a couple of times now.

It's nice to compare my result with the official times of this year's Grachtenloop. The quickest guy runs the track in just under 15 minutes, it still takes me about 35 minutes.


In a few weeks we might run together!!

The guy who did it in 15 minutes didn't have to wait for trafic lights, I guess.

i have finished the 9 km. in the official game in 45 minuts. It was terrible! I couldnt move myself any foot further after i had crossed the finish line.. But the feelings beause of the completion were great ;)

gr. Marc (

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