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Samen kijken

Samen kijken at the Goethe Institute with my fellow students from the German language course.Yesterday we watched the soccer game between Germany and the Netherlands in the Goethe Institute. I was there with Rene, Suzanne and Noortje, people from the German course I'm doing. Our teacher Sandra and her little son were there too.

The Goethe Institute had invited around 100 people to come and watch the game, and all the tickets had been sold out. There was a large number of TVs and screen throughout the building, as well as in the garden. On the first floor there was a video projection in the main hall.

I had a great evening. Everything was very well organized -- leave that to the Germans! The atmosphere was excellent and we had a lot of fun together. The soccer game was very exciting. Germany scored in the first half, which made half-time a uncomfortable. I think most Dutch fans were quite relieved with the final result, a 1-1 draw!

I took my camera, and there are some pictures online of the Samen kijken experience.


Hi Guus,
thanks for pictures they are great! And I am neither German nor Dutch (I am Armenian) but I had great time in that marvelous atmosphere. BTW my name is Lilit, so you can fill in for picture 8/9.

The atmosphere was marvelous indeed -- we all had a great evening!

I've updated the picture caption ;)

Nice caption ;)!!
Cheers to you and Rene

Hoera voor Noortje!

I like the pictures very much! And indead the atmoshpere was great. A lot of people with all kinds of nationalities. I had a great time.
And yes HOERA VOOR NOORTJE but also HOERA VOOR RENE and especially HOERA VOOR GUUS!!!!!!
Too bad Marieke was not there.

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