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On my internship, results and papers

Here you'll find some documents about my work at the university.

Internship (Oktober 2002 - March 2003)

I have done an internship at Chess-iT, the company where I work for now. Although it's a bit outdated, you can read the project plan. My internship supervisor is dr. ing. Lämmel, an Assistant Professor here at the VU. My external supervisors are dr. ir. Bos and ing. Eussen of Chess-iT.

The internship is about development methods that combine the design of hardware and software (this is called codesign).

Here's the final version of my paper.
The sources I used are also online.

Recent articles: You can also read the recent articles about my internship at Chess-it or my studying in general.

Human-Computer Interaction (August 2002)

A paper on Visual Programming Languages. Click here for a PostScript, and here for a PDF version of this paper.

Object Oriented Programming (February 2000)

Older paper, on the differences between Corba and Com+. Click here for a HTML version of this paper.

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