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Postbank Skype

Postbank Skype.The Postbank, my Dutch bank, is introducing a new centralized phone number. It's a 0900 number though, which I can't dial from the United States. Neither Skype, calling cards nor my new phone support dialing these special numbers.

Fortunately, the Postbank is a really cool bank and has an experimental Skype number. I called it the other day, and it works great.

The skype name is postbank_jongeren. In addition to that, they also have a regular phone number that can be used when calling from abroad.


It sounds cool indeed!
Actually it suprises me, because the internet banking facilities of the Postbank suck "Burgemeester".
(ask any user what the **** a TAN code is ..... I prefer the Rabobank)

transactie acceptatie nummer!

But it is a very weird system indeed, especially if you lose your phone and bank card then you are not able to get any money untill you get your new card....


mobile phone that is

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