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Sunday visit to the Gallery of Art

We went to the Gallery of Art yesterday. We had prepared to take the Metro, like Adrian wanted, but it started raining so we took the car instead. I dropped everyone off, and parked 15 minutes away.

It is such a lovely place. We all had a good time. Leo liked the boats, Adrian liked Rembrandt's self-portrait and Nora liked the French impressionists colors.

We looked at several Greek and Roman statues, and the boys had various observations to make.

Here is Leo looking at a model of a Dutch "jacht" -- in the back you can see "View of Hoorn".


Jaap's picture

Mooi ogenblik, een jongmens staat te kijken naar een oeroud scheepje in een museum.
Mooie tegenstelling, en het blauw in zijn jas komt mooi terug in details van de zaal.

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