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Nora's 6th birthday

Nora turned 6 years old yesterday and she had a great day.

In the morning there were gifts and balloons. Later wee went to the Carousel. First Nora wasn't too excited -- "dat is veel te hoog" but when we explained that this wasn't a scary carousel she was happy. They kids all loved the carousel, though Leo was a clinging into me tightly.

We had lunch together in Paul's which they all loved. When the boys were sleeping the three of us played Черен Петер and Memorie, and later there was a cake with "Nora" in chocolate.


Indoor playground

We had a day off today and spent it with the kids. In the morning we went to Scramble, an indoor playground in Alexandria. The kids loved it.


3rd birthday Leo & Adrian

Leo and Adrian turned 3 today. What a milestone! They had a really nice day.


Mardi Gras 2018

We went to the Clarendon Mardi Grass parade tonight and that was a lot of fun.

Sasha and Adrian walked and Adrian got to peek in a real police car. I had tricked out the bicycle with lights and we joined the WABA group for the parade.

The kids were very happy with the beads that got.

Hippo House

Visiting Nora's school

We visited Nora's school today, and Nora showed us her work. This is the third and last time we're attending this event with Nora, a bittersweet thought.

She showed us the English words she can read (all the colors, several other short words) and her exercises with multiplication.

No hot chocolate this year.


De Luizenmoeder

Sunday night 3.7 million households were watching Luizenmoeders, a Dutch TV-show. I read about it in Trouw and then Ettie posted on Facebook that she liked it so we decided to give it a try.

The first episode was the best -- fast-paced and witty. But the 2nd and 3rd weren't bad either.

Nora's first ballet

Sasha to Nora to her first ballet in the Kennedy Center.

They saw Whipped Cream by the American Ballet Theatre.

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