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Guus: "Is Nora Bulgaars?"
Nora giggles.
Guus: "Is Nora Nederlands?"
Nora giggles again.
Nora: "Nora is panda!"

I was making hutspot, and part of the recipe is to mash ingredients together ("stampen").
Nora: "Net als mevrouw Helderder!"
Guus: "Mevrouw Helderder?"
Nora: "Oh!"
And then it dawned on me: Mevrouw Helderder always stamps on the floor (also "stampen").


Sasha's birthday

We celebrated Sasha's birthday the three of us at home, and had our parents on through Skype.

We had a small cake with candles and in the evening we went out for dinner. We ordered a plate for Nora separately, for the first time.


Nora's 2nd birthday

Nora turned two yesterday and we celebrated it in Secaucus. It was a great day, and Nora had a lot of fun.

Ilana had made a nice crown for Nora and there were balloons. And a cake, that Nora was looking forward to very much -- "happie?"

She received many presents, cards and phone calls which made it a special day. When she went to bed she wanted to take her new Playmobil airplane with her.


On the sled

We are in Secaucus and there's a large amount of snow on the ground.

We went sleighing and Julian took Nora with him on the sled.


Sneckdown photo's

The website Greater Greater asked for pictures of so-called "sneckdowns". Those are photo's that show where cars don't use space on an intersection. Space that could be used for pedestrians to make it safer and easier to cross the road.

10th St N and Fairfax

I went to the intersection of 10th St N and Fairfax Road, close to our house. With the planned redo of the Clarendon Circle, more traffic is expected here. Crossing from the George Mason University campus to the other side of Fairfax (or 10th St N) is not easy for pedestrians. The light across Fairfax, six lanes, is only 10 seconds (!).

The first photo shows there is place for a very large pedestrian refuge which will make crossing 10th St much easier. The second picture shows that in the median of Fairfax there is room for a large pedestrian refuge also -- making it safe to cross Fairfax in two stages.



We had at least 8 inches of snow tonight. That's more than we've ever had in this house and shoveling was quite a workout.

It's a satisfying chore -- nice to see the before and after.


Snow storm on the way

There's a large snowstorm on its way to us; it started snowing about an hour ago. There's a couple of inches of snow predicted and it will snow or sleet in the morning also, so it's likely that our offices will be closed.

The snowstorm caught North Carolina off-guard earlier today and the trip home for some of my old coworkers took many hours.


Learning to talk

Nora is talking a lot now, and over the last few weeks we wrote down some of the more memorable exchanges. Some are in Bulgarian, some in Dutch, some in a mixture.

Нора: "Падна!"
Саша: "Какво падна?"
Нора: "Нищо няма падна!"

Nora: "Champion? Pakken?"
Guus: "Een champion? Die zijn op meissie."
Nora: "Daar is 'ie!"
Guus: "Oh... je bedoelt de lampion!"

Here she found a great translation for "aardige meneer" (nice guy):

Guus: "Nora, vertel jij eens even aan mama over die aardige meneer?"
Nora: "Чичко говорише Нора! Магазина!"

Nora is learning the pronouns. In Bulgarian one says "я" for "(to) her" and "го" for "(to) him". She is starting to understand how it works but sometimes she uses her own invention "йе".

Nora: Намери йе!

Nora: "Duplo mannetje [ge]stoten"
Nora: "Duplo mannetje huilt. Traantjes!"
Guus: "Dan moet je maar een kusje geven."


Are you Mr. Bosman?

"Are you Mr. Bosman?", the police officer asked. He was smiling after he saw how startled I was to see him through the backdoor window on our veranda.
"Eh, yes?" -- I wasn't sure what to expect from a smiling police officer at 11.00 pm at night.
"Well, Mr. Bosman, the trunk of your car seems to be open and I just wanted to make sure it wasn't broken into".
"Ah, well... I know how that happened!"

Somebody has been playing again with those fun remote buttons on papa's car keys!


To the farm

It's pretty warm today, 58 degrees Fahrenheit, and we went to the Frying Pan Farm this morning.

It was Nora's second visit.

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