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A rainy day

It's been a rainy day so far. Sasha and I are working remotely and it's nice to spend some more time at home.

In the DC area public life has come to a standstill. The Metro system and all government offices have closed (with the exception of the Supreme Court which was still hearing two cases this morning). Even the NYSE and NASDAQ are closed today, which is very rare.

The worst weather is expected tonight. The biggest fear is that the power will go out; so far it has been fine. Irena and Jonathan are in a difficult situation, the water levels in New Jersey are rising rapidly and they are moving house this week.

Tomorrow my office is closed as well (and so is the Supreme Court, haha).


Preparing for Tropical Storm Sandy

Tonight or tomorrow Tropical Storm Sandy will arrive in the DC area, and it's supposed to be a big storm.

A big risk with storms like these is that the power will go out. Last time, when Jaap was here, we were lucky and the power stayed on. Just in case, on Friday I bought some extra batteries and enough water for all of us for a few days.

Today I went to do regular shopping for the week, and water bottles were in short supply in most places. In the Safeway all water was sold out.

Our offices are closed tomorrow, so we will work from home. Provided, of course, that the power stays on.


Milan's birthday

Thursday I got home at 6.30 pm. Nadia and Nora were out for a walk to I went to meet them outside. It was great to see them. Nora was very happy too. We hugged all the way home.

In the evening we celebrated Milan's birthday. We made kyufte on the grill, Bulgarian meatballs made of beef, pork and spices. There was cake for dessert.


Meeting after 21 years

Today I met Saskia for coffee, an old classmate from my highschool Wiringherlant. We calculated that it had probably been 21 years since we last saw each other, after we graduated in 1991. (Note: Rob correctly noted that we graduated in 1997, not 1991, so it has been 15 years).

Saskia saw my post on Facebook yesterday with the picture of the electric car charger and she realized we're only a few minutes away from each other. She is staying with friends in Menlo Park for a few weeks.

Saskia brought Mayca and we had coffee in our office. It was very nice to see them.


In our Menlo office

It's nice to be in our Menlo Park office. I've met several new people and caught up with the teams we've been working with over the last year.

Our office now has an electrical car charger, as does the hotel we are staying in. A colleague explained that his car can do about 90 miles on a single charge and that it takes about 3 hours to charge the car.

The time difference makes it easy to get up early. Yesterday morning I went for a run at 6.00 am and today I woke up at 5.30 am again. We're leaving tomorrow morning, taking an 8.30 am flight from San Francisco.


In San Francisco

Today I traveled to San Francisco with my colleagues Andy and Vinayak. It is the first time since Nora was born that I'm on a business trip, and it is sad to be away from her.

There's a 3 hour time difference with the East Coast so we saw the last presidential debate over dinner.


First tooth

This morning I saw Nora's first tooth! It is on the lower left.



Last weekend we went for a nice walk in Georgetown.

Nora saw duckies for the first time and was quite impressed.


Second Presidential Debate 2012

Last night was the second Presidential Debate between Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney, and we hosted a small party again. Beia, Frank, Jeroen, Juan, Laura, Lucio and Tom joined us in the entertainment room.

The debate was more interesting than the previous one. President Obama did a much better job defending his record. Candy Crowley was excellent as moderator.

Nora joined us for a few minutes and greatly enjoyed the attention from all the guests.

This was the last debate party this election for us -- I am out of town on Monday. We haven't decided yet what we'll do for November 6th, the night with the election results.


First museum visit

It was a rainy Sunday today and we decided to visit the National Gallery of Art. This was Nora's first visit to a museum and she enjoyed it.

We watched several paintings together and she seemed to like them, especially the Van Gogh ones.

On the picture we are looking at Salomon Van Ruysdael's Rivierlandschap met veerpont. The painting was part of the Goudstikker collection and acquired by the National Gallery in 2008. Until 2005 it was on display in Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum. A beautiful painting.

On the way home Nora fell asleep in the car.


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