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Nora and her Oma

Nora and Oma Mieke are having an excellent time together. My parents brought her many books and Mieke reads her a new book every day.

During the week my parents looked after Nora but in the weekend they had time to explore the city. They know their way around so they have their favorite spots -- such as the Starbucks on Clarendon Blvd where they go almost every morning.

Saturday morning at 9.00 am they attended a wreath-laying ceremony at the Korean War Veterans Memorial and then spent time on the National Mall. We had home-made guacamole and tortilla chips for dinner. Yesterday Roosevelt Island and Georgetown were on the agenda and last night they went to a concert of Hawaii musicians and dancers here in Arlington.


Nora and her Opa and Oma

My parents are here! Jaap and Mieke arrived Monday evening. Their journey took a little longer than planned but they made it here safe and well.

Nora is getting a lot of love and attention from her Opa and Oma. Tuesday morning was the first time Oma and Nora met each other in person, and they both smiled a lot.

Jaap and Mieke took her for a walk today -- for the first time in the "big" stroller without the car seat. They brought several new Nijntje books, so Nora heard the story of "We hebben een orkest" today.


Four girls

This morning Irena and Julian left, they met Amy and Ashlyn who will drive them to New Jersey. Ilana is staying with us for another day.

We took a picture of the ladies yesterday (Julian didn't want to be on it).


A week with Irena, Ilana and Julian

Nora is getting a lot of attention this week. Irena is taking care of her during the day when we're at work, and Ilana and Julian make sure she is never bored.

Yesterday I worked from home, to give the Zanes time to visit a museum, and Nora took the opportunity to sleep a lot.

Last night we went out for sushi which was very nice.


Nora and her cousins

Saturday the Zane family came to visit. Irena and the kids are staying this week to take care of Nora, and they are having a great time together.

One of the highlights for Nora was when they made her do "jumping jacks" in her chair, with Julian moving her arms and Ilana her legs. She had even a few sips of cantaloupe juice.

She couldn't sleep from excitement.


Daniel & Erika

Our good friends Daniel and Erika got married today!

They got married in Szolnok, Hungary and many of our friends were there, posting pictures on Facebook.



Talking about the embassy

Tonight I went to my second meetup of the Bulgarian student group here in Arlington. We were only three people so it was a great opportunity to talk.

Most students of Bulgarian here are working for the government, so tonight I added посолство (embassy) to my repertoire. In the next 4 weeks I probably won't go to the meetup, so it's a bit of a summer break now.


A Meetup in Euro Market

Tonight I attended my first meeting of the Bulgarian Meetup group in Arlington. It was great -- we were 5 people and spent 90 minutes talking in Bulgarian. There was one native speaker, somebody who had been in Bulgaria with the Peace Corps 10 years ago and two who are leaving for Bulgaria in a few weeks.

The location was very convenient; it was in the coffee shop "Euro Market" in our apartment building. Next week will be the last meetup before the summer.


Nora's first Fourth of July

Today was another very hot day -- the temperature reached 100 degrees Fahrenheit. We enjoyed a relaxing day off indoors with the AC and on our balcony. In the afternoon we went for a walk with Nora, whose stroller was decorated with two flags.

We fired up our grill for dinner and at 8.45 pm we went to the Iwo Jima Memorial in Rosslyn where we saw the fireworks. Well, Sasha and I did. Nora slept through the whole show. It's nice to be able to walk to those things.


Jaap going back home

My father stayed with us for five weeks, and we had a wonderful time together.

My favorite moment of the day was to put Nora in her chair next to him: she started smiling as soon as she saw him -- and Jaap too.

It was great to spend some relaxed time with my father. The good news is that Jaap and Mieke will be here again in three weeks!


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