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Bears in the Triangle

I know we live in a state with beautiful nature and lots of wilderness, but this news article still surprised me: black bear spotted in Chapel Hill.

Sadly, the bear was apparently hit by a car and died, but I had no idea that there were black bears around here.

A related article on talks about two bear sightings in May of this year in Raleigh and Durham: "Law-enforcement officers said they believe the larger bear could weigh around 200 pounds. Residents are urged to stay away from the animals."

It's over 10 years ago that I saw bears in real live, from the bus in Tannersville, NY.


Lego vault

Lego.The Lego company has a vault with all models they ever sold, in their original boxes.

Tonight I saw a video of this vault and it's was a real trip down memory lane. They showed the castle, the space ships and many other goodies.

They even showed the Monorail, one of my all-time favorite Sinterklaas presents. Oh, the memories!


The Netherlands - Russia

The match between the Netherlands and Russia was the first one I saw live in Euro 2008, and with the 1-3 result it was also the last Dutch game to see in this tournament.

We went with a a couple of friends to Woody's Tavern in Cary, where about 40 Dutch people were watching the game together. It was nice to meet Dutch people in the area, and to watch the game together. Petra was there, and we met Maarten for the first time as well. Two years ago in the World Cup I watched the elimination of the Dutch team against Portugal in a bar in DC.

After the first 90 minutes the result was 1-1, so another 30 minutes were played. About half way that extra time all TV screens stopped showed the game, and a Weather Alert interrupted the broadcast for about 3 minutes, without showing any information on the game... A big storm was coming over the Triangle, and when we drove home we were right in the middle of it. In the evening we had friends over for dinner and it was a very nice evening.


Ruby and Orange

Preparations.I woke up early this morning and spend a productive morning working on a new feature. A co-worker recommended RadRails, and I plan to install it and check it out but I'm pretty comfortable with the command line tools so there's no rush. I played around with a commercial JavaScript/CSS library that we're using, and it is very impressive.

Today at 2.45 pm the game between Russia and the Netherlands starts. I'll be watching it with some friends in a bar in Cary, where a Dutch group gets together to watch the Dutch soccer games. We're prepared!


Unexpected crash

Self service checkout crashed.The other night we went to Kroger for groceries, and the self service checkout machine crashed half-way.

Perhaps it was the cucumber I was trying to scan.


Dutch cookbook

Dutch cookbook.Sunday afternoon we spent some time in Barnes & Noble. I was looking for a copy of a French cookbook that I borrowed from the library a while back.

I didn't find it, but between a Japanese book and that of another exotic cuisine I did see a book on Dutch cooking.


5K Race for the Cure Raleigh 2008

Petra, Guus and Sasha.This morning Sasha and I competed in the competitive 5k run during the Race for the Cure event in Raleigh.

This was Sasha's first race, and she did great! Her time was 31:19 minutes. I think she's caught the bug so she'll be doing more races in the future. I was happy with my time too, around 26 minutes. I think I improved with about 10 seconds compared to my first 5k, but I'll have to wait for the official results to be sure.

It was an impressive and emotionally charged event. It's an important fund raiser for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation, to support research and prevention of breast cancer. There were a total of 30,000 people running and walking (2,600 in the competitive race), and a large number of women in pink survivor shirts. It was clearly not just a race for time, it was a race for a cause. The organization was superb, with clocks at each mile, two water stands at the course and at the finish, and tons of people cheering for the participants.


Race tomorrow

Race for the Cure preparations.The smoke has largely disappeared so it was sunny again today. It still smelled a little bit of smoke, but the air is a lot better so tomorrow's race will be fine. Which is good, since it is an event for a great cause, and some 30,000 people are expected to be there for the races and other activities.

I went to Meredith College after work to pick up some things, and the preparations were well under way. This is easily going to be the largest race I've ever ran in, which is cool. We'll meet Petra tomorrow as well, that will be nice.

I haven't seen today's game against France yet, but the last 30 minutes or so I heard on the Dutch radio. Pretty amazing! Sasha recorded the game so I'll see it this weekend. I'm looking forward to the Tuesday game against Romania, but even more so to the quarter finals since they'll be on a Saturday so I'll be able to see the game live.


A smokey day

Smokey.When I left home in the morning I smelled something burned or burning, and I was worried about fire. Luckily there was nothing and I left for work. Then when I arrived in Raleigh, 30 miles further, it still smelled of smoke.

It turns out there are 3 large wildfires near the coast, and the smog and ash from those fires is blown across the Triangle and even as far as Greensboro. There's a serious health advisory in effect, strongly recommending against outdoors exercise. Let's hope the 5k race on Saturday won't be impacted.


BlackBerry Pearl

BlackBerry Pearl.Jean-Paul was right. I bought a new phone, and it's a indeed smartphone, the BlackBerry Pearl.

I looked at perhaps switching over to AT&T, but their plans were more expensive than Verizon, and Verizon gave me a sizable credit towards a new handset -- after the mail-in rebate the phone is free.

I thought data plans were around $70, but prices have come down quite a bit and I bought a $30 data plan that provides virtually unlimited data usage (5 GB monthly). The phone has full internet access, and I've connected my hotmail account to it. I installed Google maps as well, which is really quite useful on a handset.