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Hickory Charity Chase Half Marathon 2008

Hickory Jaycee Charity Chase 2008We just came back from Hickory where I ran the Charity Chase race. It was great fun, and I'm proud of my 2:23 result for the half marathon.

I was 3 minutes slower than in Raleigh two months ago, but the track was very challenging with lots of hills, and it was much warmer also.

It was great that Sasha was there; we left yesterday afternoon and spent a nice evening in Hickory, before getting up at 5.30 am to go to the race. Hickory is nice! We were pleasantly surprised: a cozy downtown area with lots of restaurants and places with outdoors seating.

The race itself was very well organized and there were lots of volunteers everywhere, very friendly folks. The scenery was beautiful, but especially the last two hills were very challenging ("Cemetery Hill" especially).


To Hickory, NC

Tomorrow at 7.00 am there is another race, this time in Hickory, about 2.5 hours from here. We're staying there tonight.

I haven't trained as much as I should have and the course is supposed to be hilly, so I'm curious how it will be.


Broken phone

Phone.It looks like my phone has given up.

For about 6 months I've had to use tape to tie the battery to the phone, but no matter what I try now, the phone won't start anymore.

The phone is 3.5 years old, and I've had good use of it. Now it's time for a new one.


Van der Sar, again

Van der Sar.I don't often watch soccer anymore, but today I clicked on a link on CNN today and saw a picture. "Hey, I know that guy!"

The hero here is, once again, Van Der Sar, a Dutch goalkeeper who I've written about before.


Early morning

Cereal.We woke up early today; there are lots of things to arrange.

When I wanted to make cereal the box somehow exploded.



The website has been off-line for about 72 hours, due to an internet provider outage in the Netherlands.

Things obviously are now working again; thanks Jaap and Mieke for your help with getting the system back up and thank you readers, for your patience.


Battle at Kruger

Last night we saw a documentary on National Geographic about a "Battle at Kruger", a Youtube video made by a tourist on safari.

This is probably the first documentary made after a Youtube video. The 8 minute original is an extraordinary account of an encounter between a herd of buffalo's, a group of inexperienced lions and a crocodile, with a happy end. The TV broadcast featured digitally enhanced sound and video.

Watch the video on


A walk through Savannah

Sasha and Guus.Saturday morning started off with a home made breakfast.

The breakfast was a great start of the day, good food and coffee on a beautiful table in the living room. We had coffee on the porch and then went for a long walk through the city.

Tonight we sat on our own balcony. We had dinner outside, and watched a thunderstorm passing by -- beautiful lightning.


To Savannah

204 vs 402.Savannah is located in the north of Georgia, just across the border with South Carolina. The border is actually a large bridge, as soon as you leave the bridge you enter Savannah.

We arrived around 9.30 pm in the city, and after some confusion between 'East Gaston' and 'West Gaston' we found 204 East Gaston St. All was fine until we looked at the house... spooky! We had heard about ghost and graveyard tours in Savannah but this looked like a place were you wouldn't wake up the next morning. A quick phone call made it clear that it was actually 402 East Gaston St that we were looking for and it did indeed look much, much nicer. We were staying in an renovated old house that is now a beautiful Bed and Breakfast.

After unpacking we walked to the river front, and there was live music and an art festival. It was getting late but we had done our research so around 11.30 pm we went to one of the few places that was serving food till late: Vinnie van GoGo. After a long drive their pizza and beer were very welcome and the food was delicious. It was only fitting that the place called after a Dutch painter served Grolsch beer. (I must say that perhaps my taste in beer is changing; I found Grolsch a little on the bitter side!). A great start of a great weekend.


Elections in North Carolina

Elections in North Carolina.Today were the primaries in North Carolina and Indiana. Mr. Obama won, as expected, in North Carolina, but with a surprisingly large margin.

With Indiana being so closely tied (52% to 48% for Clinton at the time I write this), this looks like a very important night for Mr. Obama. The mathematics have been very difficult for Clinton for about two months now. Tonight's lack of a convincing victory, even after all the Wright publicity, bode bad for Clinton.

There were lots of other elections today. Ms. Perdue and Mr. McCrory won their parties nominations for governor. Mr. Walter Dalton seemed to have benefited from his annoying commercials and won the nomination for Lt. Governor.