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Evolution of Dance

Evolution of Dance on You Tube.comLast week a collegue pointed me to a movie made by Judson Laipply, who describes himself as an inspirational comedian.

It is distributed through You, an on-line video sharing service.

Watch the Evolution of Dance.


World Cup 2006: Netherlands eliminated

Today we saw the game between Portugal and the Netherlands in the knock-out rounds of World Cup 2006. Portugal won with 1-0, eliminating the Netherlands from the tournament.

It was a very rough match: there were 4 red cards and many, many yellow cards. I felt that the Dutch team was playing much better than Portugal, but at the end of the day the Portugese scored and Holland didn't, bringing the game to an unfortunate 1-0 result.

We saw the game in James Mackey's Pub in downtown D.C. The pub was dedicated to the Oranje team, courtesy of NL Borrels, a Dutch social club. Everybody in the bar was wearing orange and cheering for Holland. There were even kroketten to complement the Dutch company and Heineken. A sad ending of an otherwise very nice weekend.


Soccer weekend

Bruce Arena, the coach of the US soccer team.We had a soccer-dedicated weekend. I'll admit, I don't often watch soccer but I really enjoy large tournaments like the World Cup now or the Euro Cup two years ago.

Saturday afternoon we saw a very exciting game between Ghana and the Czech Republic. I really like Czech' soccer, but felt this was a deserved win for the Ghanese. A friend in Amsterdam (who lives in a very international neighborhood) told me that everytime Ghana scored there were loud cheer from the high-rise buildings opposite their apartment. Kingston did a great job as goalkeeper for Ghana.

This game was just the warming up for the main game of the day: the United States vs. Italy. We went to Summers around 2.30 pm, but the pub was completely full and didn't allow more customers to enter. Instead we went to Ragtime, another bar up the street, where we found a good place to watch the game. It was a very exiting, surprising game, with 3 red cards. The U.S. coach, Bruce Arena, was getting very angry during the game. The U.S. played much better than against Czech Republic a week ago and deserved this draw. Let's see how they will play against Ghana this Thursday.

Sunday evening I went for a bike ride after dinner (Arlington Triangle, 17 miles) and just got home when it was getting dark.


The Netherlands - Côte d'Ivoire

Watching soccer.This afternoon Sasha and I watched the Dutch soccer game against Côte d'Ivoire. In my lunch break I went to Sasha's work where a large group of her colleagues, from the Netherlands, Côte d'Ivoire and many other countries had settled in front of a large TV in the cafetaria.

It was a very exciting game, and even though no goals were scored in the second half, there were many attacks from both sides that made for a great game to watch. Obviously we were very happy with a 2-1 end score, but I'm afraid the game against Argentina is going to be very difficult.

In the evening we saw the replay of the surprising Angola - Mexico game. It will be interesting to see who will go to the next round in that group.


Pronunciation Guus

So, as I noticed a week ago, one of the most frequently used search terms that brings new visitors to my site is "How do you pronounce Guus?"

The problem with my first name is that it has 2 sounds that are difficult to pronounce for most American speakers. First of all, the first letter G is the [x] in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). This is a velar continuant similar to the ch in Swiss German that doesn't exist in most languages, and American English doesn't have an equivalent for it.

My experience is that after some practice most Americans are able to pronounce this sound in a fairly authentic manner. A short-cut I usually recommend is to use the IPA [g], which is the first sound of the word goal.

It's surprising to most Dutch speakers, including myself, that the second sound (the uu) is usually harder than the g. The Dutch uu is the [y] in the IPA, and is similar to the French u as in vu or the German ü sound. There is nothing close in American English, nor in Spanish which many people speak here. Often, the sound [ʏ] or [u] is used instead, neither of which really comes close to the long [y] sound.

Want to hear an example? Here is a native Dutch speaker pronouncing the name Guus.


Brasil - Croatia

Kaka, the Brasilian player, just after he scored the winning (and only) goal of the game. (c) FIFA.We saw Brasil - Croatia on TV tonight. It's great that Telemundo, a Spanish broadcaster, is repeating all games in the evening. Just too bad that it's impossible not to know the result before we get a chance to watch the replay (the games are during the day in the U.S.). Even though we knew the result in advance, Brasil - Croatia was a awesome game to watch with many goal attempts and great soccer from both teams. Kaka's goal, just before half-time, was really nice.

Monday I had lunch with three new colleagues to welcome them to our company, and in the restaurant there was a large screen with the match between the Czech Republic and the United States. We couldn't see the game from our table, but when in the 28' minute Claudio Reyna hit the post there was a disappointed "ohhh" sound going through the restaurant.

I was not surprised that the Czech won -- they have a very strong team.


Serbia-Montenegro - the Netherlands

Arjen Robben.This morning we watched the first game for the Netherlands at the 2006 soccer World Cup. I woke up exactly at 9.00 am, and immediately switched the TV on to watch the match.

I was a bit disappointed that there was no second goal after Robben's goal in the 18th minute, but it was a nice game to watch. The Netherlands is one of the few teams at the World Cup to play in a 4-3-3 formation, which typically makes for attractive soccer. Apparently it was very warm in Leizpig, where the game was played, and according to coach Van Basten that was the reason there were no other goals after the first. The final score was 1-0 for the Netherlands.

It's been a long time since the Netherlands participated at a World Cup -- four years ago the Oranje team didn't qualify. Sasha and I watched some of the games of that tournament in Frankfurt, Germany, right after David & Milena's wedding. Turkey did surprisingly well, and so did South Korea, beating Italy and Spain.

Four years earlier, in 1998, Sasha and I were in the United States in Tannersville and I would take long lunch breaks to see the Dutch team playing. The Netherlands lost from Brasil on penalties in the semi-finals.


Gus Busman

Gus Busman.We are with Jonathan and Irena to celebrate Ilana's birthday (congratulations!). She turned 7 last Thursday and today she has a party for her friends and their parents.

There will be two very surprising guests at the party: David and Milena! They are in New York for a vacation, and we're looking forward to see each other again... it's been more than two years.

Last night, when we were traveling from Washington to New York we made a stop at the Woodrow Wilson truck stop, and I saw a very familiar name on a sign... Gus Busman! My name is of course Guus Bosman, an amazing coincidence. The pronunciation of Guss is different than my name's, but the difference Bosman and Busman isn't very large.

"Hop on the bus with Gus and sign up today!"


World Cup 2006

World Cup 2006 logo. (c) FIFA. I am very excited that the World Cup 2006 has started. The Netherlands and the United States are both participating, and so is Togo, a small African country with a population of 6 million.

We saw the first half of tournament's first game during lunch. I went with my colleagues to a sports bar nearby and we saw Germany vs. Costa Rica.

I'm playing in a pool with some of my friends also. I was the only person in our 23-person pool to correctly predict the 2-1 score at half time, and because no one predicted the final score correctly I was (at 2 pm today) the number one in our pool.

Sunday morning is the first game for the Dutch team, against Serbia. It's at 9.00 am EST.



Capote.This weekend we saw another Oscar winning movie: Capote.

The movie describe an episode in the life of Truman Capote, an American author. Like Walk The Line this is a documentary, without the singing of course.

The role of Capote is played by Philip Seymour Hoffman, who really deserves the Oscar he got for best actor in a lead role. The movie describes the events of Capote's book In Cold Blood and the process of interview the murderers and writing the book.


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