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Heineken on a tropical island

Heineken on a tropical island.The local beer on Puerto Rico is Medallah, a pretty good beer with a nice refreshing taste.

"El Presidente Cerveza", from the Dominican Republic, is a popular import beer too, as well as Corona and some American brands.

However, the most popular non-local beer around here in my opinion -- and I am writing this with some pride -- is Heineken from Amsterdam. Even though it's not the best beer that Holland is offering the world, it is nice to be able to drink a familiar taste everywhere you go.



The popular local music here is called "Reggaeton".

It's a very danceable and happy music with a Carribbean rythm, I like it a lot. It's probably for the best that I don't understand the lyrics -- they tend to be rather explicit.

Listing to Reggaeton FM online.


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