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Work Arlington 2006

To the airport

I'm leaving to the airport now, together with a colleague.

We'll take the 5.30 flight to Washington, a direct connection this time.


New room

Holiday Inn, San Juan.When I arrived in the hotel after midnight I didn't feel like complaining about the defects in my room because I just wanted a few hours rest. The next morning however, I went to the frontdesk and told them about the leakage and the broken bed -- they offered me another room, which I was happy to accept. Now I'm on the 8th floor in the main building, the highest floor in the hotel. The room I'm staying is nice; smaller than the regular room but with very nice furniture and a flatscreen TV.

Tonight we were in the hotel earlier than usual. I changed clothes, and two colleagues invited me for a drink in the bar downstairs. Later my fourth colleague joined us and we stayed in the bar for dinner. I had lunch in that place once, and I liked it alot, and this dinner was just as good. We left the restaurant around 23.00 o'clock, and I went to the supermarket to get some fruit: grapefruits and bananas.


In Puerto Rico

I arrived in Puerto Rico about an hour ago and just checked in at the hotel.

Everything's fine, have to get up in about six hours. The room is not the best one I've seen -- the bed is shaky and the rain made the floor near the balcony wet but it will do for tonight.


Balcony furniture

Getting balcony chairs.Saturday afternoon we found a very nice set of balcony furniture at Crate & Barrel.

We were in the shop near our apartment, and we borrowed a cart to carry the table home immediately. The weather is very nice and we wanted to sit on our balcony.

The chairs however, were not in stock, and it would take two weeks to order them. We didn't want to wait that long and the next day we took the cart and brought it with us in the metro.

We went to visit another Crate & Barrel store, in DC. It was an interesting ride with the cart in the metro, especially because we had to change trains in Metro Center.


Balkenende Washington Post

Balkenende in the Washington Post.Yesterday I went to my favorite lunch place around work, a daily called Tivoli. They have a large variety of meats and cheese, and most importantly they always have great fresh bread.

When I walked back from lunch I passed a newspaper stand with a pile of Washington Posts. On the frontpage a picture of Mr. Balkenende with President Bush. The latter was a day in Holland to commemorate the end of World War II.


Wasn't me

When we went for lunch we saw the Capitol on an outside TV screen. One of Washington's local TV stations is located in our neighbourhood and they have their broadcast visible on their building.

Apparently an aircraft was violating the airspace above downtown DC, and an evacuation order was issued for the White House and U.S. Capitol.

Nothing happened, luckily.



Anthony and Sasha.Yesterday morning after breakfast we went for a long walk through Clarendon and had coffee outside in a park.

In the afternoon we bought a table for on the balcony, to get our house ready for the summer. The weather is really nice and I'm walking in my shorts and with sandals.

In the evening we visited the graduation party of Zen. It was in Anthony's house, near Silver Spring and we had a barbecue outside. Zen's mother lives in Hawai, and she had brought beautiful flowers from there.


Back home

Yesterday morning I woke up at 6:30. It's good that I asked for a wake-up call, because the alarm didn't go off very loud and I'm not sure if I would have woken up without the ringing of the phone.

Thursday evening we stayed late at work, till 20:30 o'clock or so, and we went straight to the restaurant. Thursday was May 5th, a national holiday in Mexico, so we went to a Mexican restaurant. There were eight people in our party, both from my company and from the customer. Had a real fun evening, with one rule: no talking about work, or you'll pay a round of drinks. Great rule.

The hotel that I stayed in is close to San Juan's international airport, and it was only 10 minutes by cab. Half-way I remembered that I had forgotten to empty the safe in the hotel room, so I had to go back. I was traveling alone, other colleagues were also flying back to DC but with different flights and different departure times.


Photo shoot at the pool

Photo shoot at the poolLast Sunday when I was having breakfast, I saw a group of people outside at the pool. Usually the pool is empty, especially in the morning, and I thought: "oh, on Sunday people start swimming earlier of course".

When I came up to my room I heard people again and it turned out to be some kind of photo-shoot.


Back to Virginia

My planes leaves in two hours. The hotel is very nearby the airport, but I still want to have a lot of time on the airport so I'll leave in about 30 minutes.

Really looking forward to see Sasha again; it's been a lot of fun here but being together is just better. Next week I'll probably go back to Puerto Rico again.


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