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Jaap to the USA

Pictures Jaap made.My father has been to the States recently for a business trip.

There was a conference on Electronic Teaching in Long Beach, close to Los Angeles. He took some pictures.


Sinterklaas in Haarlem (again)

Zwarte Pieten in the Spaarne.While I was working on my last homework assignment I saw a small boat with two Zwarte Pieten in the Spaarne. Some pictures!


Groene Amsterdammer online

Tonie pointed out that de Groene Amsterdammer -a Dutch weekly- has put a big part of it's archive online.

You can search all the articles between 1877 and 1940 for free.

Of course I searched on 'Hooimarkt' and I found this nice commercial from 1917:

De Mercuurtegel kraait victorie.


Started thesis

Yesterday I've installed Latex, a professional typesetting system. I'll use it to write my thesis. After some experimenting the first version (.PDF) is ready.


Pictures VARA

Just like Guus the VARA has put some pictures of last Friday's VOC Kolonisten tournament online.

Click here to go to the VARA-site.


Nice picture

Snimka na sloncho.Beautiful picture yesterday in a free newspaper (Spits). Wouter found it online here.

Picture by Reuters.


Library CWI

I'm looking for books and articles on Co-Design in the library of the CWI now.

I tried the library of the VU as well but that gave a rather depressing result:

0 results for 'codesign'.


Results of the VOC ship Kolonisten tournaments

The official results of the tournaments in the VOC ship just came in. Everybody agreed that it was a a very nice evening, definately worth repeating.



Yesterday and today I've been reading a lot of papers for my internship. My first result: there seems to be a lot of confusion in the literature about whether to write "co-design" or "codesign".

At the end of this week I hope to have at least 2 methods that I can use for my internship.

Tomorrow I'll go to the library of the CWI to find some books about Co-Design.



Illusion.Petra sent me this cool PowerPoint sheet: Illusion.pps.

You won't believe your eyes!


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