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The addressbook is online! Yes... is works really nice, although it's still under construction. Let me know if you find any errors or omissions, both in addresses and the web-access.


Minix deadline tomorrow

Today I went to the VU because I knew I left some debug statements in one of the exercises. And debug statements would definately mess up the teacher's testing scripts, so they're not a Good Thing. Also, when I was fixing this I tested my memory compaction exercise, and... it didn't work! I got scared, I mean some bugs can take many days and the test-deadline is tomorrow... however it turned out to be something quite simple. So hopefully they'll all work. Not very sure though about exercise one, msglog. We'll see.

As for Guus going very well! I'm doing some real cool stuff in the VIP users section: an addressbook! It's not in production yet but one of these days I'll put it on-line and send some people an accountname for logging in.



I have a guestbook now! Wrote it today, not difficult of course but nice to do. Rob's the first!


VIP users

Working on the VIP users section now; it's going well. Thursday I went out with some friends, it was very nice! Hard to get up Friday morning, slept in today till 10:00 am. At work we switched to reserved checkout's in CVS, it's very nicely adjustable.


Dinner with Daniel and Michel

Had dinner with at Daniel yesterday, Michel was also there. It was really nice. We played some kind of robot-game (Daniel won big time) and Halli Galli, a silly nice game which I won every time.


CVS at work

Today I finished installing CVS at my work, it works. Using a Windows client, and a Linux server. Really nice! Next weeks we'll move the Linux things to another machine though, so not quite ready yet.


Submission tomorrow

Tomorrow the submission. Prepared the stuff in Middenmeer; should be all ready now.


Virtual disk

Quite some trouble to install the VU stuff; disks work fine but Minix doesn't recognize the virtual hard disk (it's layout) correctly.


Meeting went well

Meeting went well; also copied the Minix system as it runs at the VU to be sure the submit will work. Next Tuesday I'll submit everything officially. I was a bit afraid to enter the computer room where the Minix computers are; maybe they would all be in use... but it turned out there was absolutely nobody.


To the VU

Today I'll have a meeting with the teacher for my practical work, have a few small questions. If there's place at the computers I'll also try if my stuff works at the VU.


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